Is the God of the Bible the true God?

What governed God’s choice of the particular plagues He sent upon the land of Egypt?

Was it just a series of shots in the dark, or was it a calculated, carefully-planned operation by the Lord our God? You can rest assured it was the latter! Each plague that descended upon Egypt was part of God’s carefully-crafted plan.

In Exodus 20:3-6, the Lord gave His people the law forbidding the worship of other gods -and He kept reminding His people of this truth (cf. Isaiah 46:9).

Pharaoh, king of Egypt, had immense difficulty with the reality of this one God, Jehovah (Exodus 5:2). The Egyptians saw gods in every piece of the natural world around them, worshipping everything from the sun in the sky to the bugs on the ground. While Pharaoh was ready to worship Ra, Osiris, Isis, Apis, and the like, he considered Jehovah to be an imposter and refused Him obedience.

However, Pharaoh was about to discover the answer to his bitter question, “Who is the Lord?”

He, and all of Egypt, were just about to be escorted back into 'Theological Nursery School': there they would learn what they had not known before - the A-B-C’s of true divinity - the fundamental fact that there was one true and living God who created the universe, sustains it by a word of His awesome power, and who still controls all of its affairs. The first (and final) picture book that the Eternal God placed in Pharaoh’s hand as he sat in that theology school was ... 'The 10 Plagues'!

Some dismiss the plagues as being purely fanciful - the stuff of myth and folklore; others argue that the plagues were nothing more than natural occurrences; but the Bible presents them as separate and distinct acts of God - something far beyond all similar plagues and infestations which did occur in Egypt at numerous times in history.

At least 6 unique aspects of the plagues set them apart as being miraculous:

1 - To demostrate who God is

In other words, the 10 plagues demonstrated that the Lord Jehovah is God - and not the various beasts, birds and bugs that were being worshipped in Egypt; He was everything while the little false gods that the Egyptians worshipped were absolutely nothing!

More than that, the second main reason for the plagues was:

2 - To devastate the gods of Egypt

With every plague He sent into the land of Egypt, God specifically targeted and judged the major gods in the Egyptian pantheon (Exodus 12:12).

Not only did the Egyptians get drinking water from the Nile, they were also able to get fish.

The Egyptians believed that several gods and goddesses guarded the Nile River.

Khmun, for instance, who was the guardian of the source of the Nile;

Hapi was the spirit of the Nile and its divine essence; while Osiris had the Nile as his very bloodstream.

Anuket, a goddess associated with the Nile Cataracts,

and Hatmehyt, a fish-goddess, were among other gods caring for the Nile ... ... but each of these they proved totally ineffectual when Jehovah struck (Exodus 7:21).

Plague 2... FROGS (Exodus 8:1-15)
Frogs, common in the Egyptian marshlands, and widely featured in their art, had been deified in Egypt.

Osiris, one of their major deities, had a frog-face, though their special frog goddess was Heqet ... but Jehovah showed up the powerlessness of Osiris and Heqet when He sent swarms of frogs to invade Egypt!

Plague 3... LICE (Exodus 8:16-19)
It should be noted that this third plague came without any warning (God demonstrating that He does not have to announce His judgment ahead of time), and this is also the first plague that the magicians could not duplicate - an indication that the power of Satan is vast, but also limited!

This plague targeted the Egyptian god Geb, the god of the earth.

Plague 4... FLIES (Exodus 8:20-32)
Literally the Hebrew word for “flies” means “mixture,” which probably means a wide variety of insects, including mosquitoes, dragonflies, bees, wasps and scarab beetles (considered sacred by the Egyptians), were involved.

For the first time, God made a distinction between the Egyptians and the Hebrews - and from this time on the plagues happened to the Egyptians only.

The Egyptians had an earth-god named Aker: apparently, he is the god to turn to if you have accidentally swallowed a fly.

They also worshipped Nekhebet - a guardian goddess of Upper Egypt who is pictured holding a fly-whisk and a seal.

Both must have been severely overworked during this plague!

Plague 5... DEATH OF THE LIVESTOCK / MURRAIN (Exodus 9:1-7)
Livestock was very important to the Egyptians, providing food, labour and transportation (cf. Genesis 47:6&17). The economic devastation caused by this fifth plague must have been enormous ... and those Egyptian gods which were meant to protect the animals:

Hathor, with its cowhead, (referred to as “The Heavenly Cow”),

The famous sacred bull, Apis,

plus the cow-goddesses Bat, Hesat and Mehet-Weret, failed miserably.

Plague 6... BOILS (Exodus 9:8-12)
It is significant that God designed the furnace to be the breeding ground for this hideous plague - a symbol of the bondage of the Israelites! The plague was so devastatingly painful that the Egyptian magicians (or priests) could not stand before Moses (Exodus 9:11). No priest covered with repulsive sores could serve the gods.

Additionally, the goddess Sekhmet, believed to have the power of both creating epidemics and ending them, was proven impotent as the plague raged on, affecting even her own group of 'medical' priests called the Sunu!

Plague 7 ... THUNDER, HAIL AND FIRE (Exodus 9:13-35)
Given what has occurred already, this plague must have destroyed what remained of the Egyptian economy (Exodus 9:25), and dragged the land into famine. It should be noted that this time the Egyptians are warned to take cover (Exodus 9:18-21); the fact that some did indicates there were those in Egypt who were beginning to fear the Lord, convinced by His Word and power and grateful for His grace. In sending this seventh plague,

Jehovah was once again exposing the false deities of Egypt: in particular the sky goddess Nut, who brings the blessings of the sun to the crops; and Set, the god of storms.

Plague 8... LOCUSTS (Exodus 10:1-20)
Locusts were the scourge of the ancient world (cf. Joel 1:2-4). Pharaoh's officials hardly exaggerate when they claimed Egypt is “destroyed” (Exodus 10:7). So much for:

Min, who was (among other things) god of crops;

Osiris, the god of crop fertility; and Neper, the god of grain!

Plague 9... DARKNESS (Exodus 10:21-29)
The plague of darkness struck at the very heart of Egyptian worship, for it humbled the greatest of the Egyptian gods, Ra.

The sun god Ra was esteemed as one of Egypt’s best treasures, bringing light and warmth to the land, and regulating the days and seasons.

And what about Aker, who the Egyptians believed guarded the gates of dawn and sunset through which the sun rose every morning and set every evening?

And how was Jehovah able to command the darkness if this very realm was the one controlled by the Egyptian husband-and-wife deities Kek and Kauket?

For three days in Egypt, Jehovah 'took them all on in their own backyard' - and comprehensively defeated them!

Plague 10... DEATH OF THE FIRSTBORN (Exodus 11&12)
In the tenth plague, one of the leading goddesses, Isis, who supposedly protected children (and was the strongest deity in the Egyptian pantheon), was incapable of preventing the death of the firstborn child in each Egyptian home; and Nekhebet, guardian goddess of Upper Egypt who looked after children and mothers, but who had a particular interest in the Pharaoh, as she protected and suckled the royal children, could do nothing to shield Pharaoh’s firstborn from this plague (Exodus 12:29)!

The message that kept coming through was this: the Lord God omnipotent reigneth! On each occasion, the plagues trumpeted that Jehovah was on the throne. He rules supreme the only true God! (cf. Isaiah 42:8 ;Matthew 4:10).

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