150 years ago, in 1859, four young men were encouraged by their minister to, “Do something more for God.” Concerned that the knowledge of God and His Word was at a low level in the country, and knowing from personal experience that men and women were chasing excitement and yet finding nothing but emptiness, these young men took up the challenge to attempt “something more.”

They commenced a Sunday School, and later started the prayer meeting that ignited a tremendous revival of true religion right across our country. Within a very short time, 100,000 lives were transformed by being brought to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The 150th Anniversary of this 1859 Revival presents us with a golden opportunity to, “Do something more for God.” We are concerned about your spiritual welfare, therefore we have launched this large scale Gospel Advertising Campaign that stretches across the country in the form of billboards, bus adverts, gospel literature, this website, regional rallies and special events – all designed to encourage people who are living in a world without direction, certainty and hope to, “Consider Christ.”

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